The intentional “Super Like” part 2

While most of my friends were ready to sign me up for a psych evaluation, I was getting some encouraging advice from one of them. She told me all about how her and her now husband had met online. They too did the long distance thing, although their distance was much farther. They were both … Continue reading The intentional “Super Like” part 2


The intentional “Super Like”

This whole dating thing was getting kind of boring. Things weren’t going well with #3, and I wasn’t really messaging with anyone on Tinder either. When you match with someone, they show up at the top of your screen. Once you start messaging with a match, they appear down below that. I had 40 matches … Continue reading The intentional “Super Like”

I’ll keep this one short…

For those of you that don’t personally know me, I should tell you that I’m a total dork. I’m obsessed with all things Disney (Yes, I rock those leggings),  I’m not afraid to do embarrassing things (especially when it means embarrassing my kids), and I give zero fucks when I’m belting out some of the … Continue reading I’ll keep this one short…