Just keep eating!

Have you ever felt so horribly awful that you were willing to put your face on just about any cold surface you could find, never mind the amount of germs on said surface? (A few college nights come to mind anyone?) Well…that was me the other day. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on … Continue reading Just keep eating!


You are my new dream

Have you ever watched a talent show where the performer gets a standing ovation, or all 4 judges fight to have them on their team, or the opening act at a concert is amazing and you find yourself thinking “Wow! How will they follow that up?” Hey! It’s Courtney, remember me? I’ve been over here … Continue reading You are my new dream

GUEST POST: An open letter to my soon to be Kindergartner

An Open Letter To My Soon To Be Kindergartner: The other day, your mom sent me a picture of you sleeping peacefully in your car seat. She sends me pictures of you and your little brother all the time. But this one in particular hit me hard. You see, you’ll be starting kindergarten soon.   … Continue reading GUEST POST: An open letter to my soon to be Kindergartner


A red lipstick kind of girl

Ever wonder why red lipstick is the best and most popular? It stands out with every event, outfit, and every type of lips. Even with all colors of hair. The lipstick that easily shows on your teeth, or on a glass that you’ve just drank from, and even on a cheek you’ve kissed. Apply the … Continue reading A red lipstick kind of girl


To the man I finally give my heart to…

  This post has been on my mind for quite some time. I knew I wanted it to be my next post, I just wasn’t ready to sit down and write it just yet. Well, recent events have pushed me to finally sit down and do it.   Entering into a relationship after surviving a … Continue reading To the man I finally give my heart to…


Wait…so nice guys do exist?!

You know that saying? “Nice guys finish last.” I feel like that’s probably pretty true, at least for me. I swear I pushed away every nice guy that ever had eyes for me. You want to know what? I regretted it. Every. Single. Time. I remember each of their names too. There was Tim, Kyle, … Continue reading Wait…so nice guys do exist?!

So this is what rock bottom feels like…

Since my outlook on dating was changing, I got to thinking it was finally time to give Tinder a rest. I read online that Tinder has something like 50 million users. Clearly my soulmate isn’t one of those 50 million (Or is he?)  so it’s time to move on with my life.  Although Tinder is … Continue reading So this is what rock bottom feels like…

What I’ve learned, a child’s perspective, and some of my favorite messages!

I spent the last 3 months of 2017 living the beginning of my first ever dating journey. I laughed, I cried, and I learned a whole fucking lot about myself, and dating in general. I started this blog because everyone was constantly asking me about my dates. Everyone seemed so intrigued by it. (Especially the … Continue reading What I’ve learned, a child’s perspective, and some of my favorite messages!

Seems like you have something to work on personally…

Fresh off of the Hans heartbreak, I briefly considered giving up dating. Was I even ready for it? Did this whole Hans thing prove that I needed more time to be single? I could take a break for a while, refocus on myself, and come back to dating in a few months. That’s the logical … Continue reading Seems like you have something to work on personally…

The intentional “Super Like” part 2

While most of my friends were ready to sign me up for a psych evaluation, I was getting some encouraging advice from one of them. She told me all about how her and her now husband had met online. They too did the long distance thing, although their distance was much farther. They were both … Continue reading The intentional “Super Like” part 2

The intentional “Super Like”

This whole dating thing was getting kind of boring. Things weren’t going well with #3, and I wasn’t really messaging with anyone on Tinder either. When you match with someone, they show up at the top of your screen. Once you start messaging with a match, they appear down below that. I had 40 matches … Continue reading The intentional “Super Like”

I’ll keep this one short…

For those of you that don’t personally know me, I should tell you that I’m a total dork. I’m obsessed with all things Disney (Yes, I rock those leggings),  I’m not afraid to do embarrassing things (especially when it means embarrassing my kids), and I give zero fucks when I’m belting out some of the … Continue reading I’ll keep this one short…

They are single for a reason ladies…

If you’ve never had the joy of perusing Tinder I’ll tell you how it works. It’s a pretty simple concept; it’s a dating app that allows you swipe left to say no, right to say yes, and up to “Super Like.” If you swipe left you never have to see their creepy face again. If … Continue reading They are single for a reason ladies…

Buy a new bra and throw yourself out there!

I read this quote the other day that said “Dating in your 30s is like going to the dump and looking for the least broken and disgusting thing.” I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself. I can’t speak for what it’s like to date in your 20s, because I spent my glory days trapped … Continue reading Buy a new bra and throw yourself out there!